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Our Team of professionals can create the perfect website solution for your business or organization. From graphic design to custom application programming, we can meet all of your website needs.

Mike Mike (Management)

Mike Ritchie has been involved in the website development industry since 1995. From the time that Mike was a youth, he has had an avid interest in computers and communications – and you can believe that it wasn’t so very “cool” to be interested in computers way back then. Mike boasts and MBA, with specialization in information technology Management (MBA-ITM). When he is not hard at work, you can usually find Mike where he really loves to be, sailing one of his sailboats.

Tracey Tracey (Advanced Project Support)
Tracey Meena has over 10 years experience working in the Website Development field with M.R. Website Development Studio.  She began working for us after graduating from the programmer analyst / internet solutions developer course at CDI College in Saskatoon. In addition to working at M.R. Website Development Studio, Tracey and her husband Kurt farm near Ruddell. It's not uncommon to see Tracey driving farm machinery and delivering meals to the field. Tracey has two children, Jared and Addison, that keep her on her toes. In her spare time she enjoys a variety of sports, camping, boating, and working in her yard.

Brendan Brendan (Technical Leader)
Brendan Wall started with us in the summer of 2001. Although he hit the ground running in 2001 with a natural affinity to computers and programming, since that time he has grown ever more talented. Brendan is currently responsible for leading the programming team at M.R. Websites. In his spare time, he likes to read, surf the Internet, and do outdoor activities including hiking and canoeing.

Justin Justin (Client Services / Sales)

Justin is a more recent addition to the M.R. Websites team. He holds a holds a Diploma in Social Media Marketing, and a Diploma in Entertainment Business management from the Vancouver Film School. Through his background in the entertainment industry and media production, Justin has gained valuable experience in taking an idea from concept to completion. Prior to joining the team, Justin had developed numerous website projects, which he built from scratch. Through that experience, he gained a vast diversity of knowledge about website development and their application in organizations and business. In his free time, Justin likes to spend time with his family, golf, play basketball and write scripts for videos.

Frank Frank (HTML Leader)
Frank has been the leader in HTML development at M.R. Websites since 2006. Prior to that time, he worked as graphic designer in a local print shop, where he gained valuable experience and knowledge working with computer graphics and design. Frank also boasts a formal education with computers and design in 2000.  Frank is an easy-going guy with an inquisitive mind and get-it-done attitude.

Robert Robert (Development / Technical Design)

After receiving his B.Sc, Robert was trained as a mainframe applications programmer and worked in various industries like banking, retail, and insurance. He moved from the Philippines to Canada in the fall of 2010. Robert joined the M.R. Websites team in October 2011; Robert primarily works in PHP programming, server administration and special project management. Outside work Robert is a family man busy raising a daughter and 2 sons with his wife Toni.

Meynard Meynard (Programming)

Meynard worked in software development after graduating from university with a Bachelor degree in computer science (BSc) in 2001. For seven long years he worked in desktop application development, but in 2008 Meynard decided to move into the more dynamic field of website development. After a few years of contract work in website development, Meynard joined the M.R. Websites team in 2011. He is a VW Beetle fan and looks forward to restoring a VW Camper van. In his spare time, Meynard likes to explore the countryside, driving his vintage VW Beetle.

Dan Dan (Programming)

Dan has a degree in Computer Science. He started his career working for software development firms, and then spent most of his career as a Systems Analyst/Programmer for a manufacturing firm. Dan decided to join the M.R. Websites team to widen and enhanced his skills in website development. When not at work, Dan spends most of his time with his wife and three children. Dan loves spending the day with the kids and wife in activities such as going to movies, plays video games and watching Barney.

Irvin Irvin (HTML Development)

Irvin is a graduate of BS Computer Engineering and has worked in website development since 2008. In our company, Irvin works with HTML/CSS and works largely in converting graphic design into HTML/CSS responsive designs. He loves to cook different kind of dishes. He also loves dogs and exotic pets--except snakes.

Paul Paul (Graphic Design)

Paul has been involved in professional graphic design since 2003. Arts and computers has been his passion since he was a kid. Paul’s education matches his interests, with a Bachelor of Fine arts with concentration in Visual Communication. With his free time, Paul plays computer games and surfs the net. He also keeps fish – an interest he has enjoyed since he was a young boy; Paul shares that hobby with his wife and son.

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